Memorial Tattoo - Lighthouse & Butterfly


Memorial Tattoo - Lighthouse & Butterfly

I got this tattoo on August 15th in Paris, France by Deexen Tattooing (see Facebook, not sure if Deexen is actually her name). This is in memoriam of my five year old cousin who passed away from Leukemia last August. Alex and Ani partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and made a bracelet with a lighthouse on it. They described a lighthouse as a welcoming structure, a reassuring sign of steady ground ahead, and an optimistic symbol of hope for all looking to move forward safely. It is an emblem of strength located at the edge of unpredictable tides as it provides navigational guidance and bright light in a storm. Resilient and immovable, this shining beacon encourages perseverance even in the darkest times." My aunt gave everyone in my family this bracelet last year so it was a good source of inspiration.

The butterfly was strictly a result of my cousins love for them and the color palette was chosen by the artist but really reflects my cousins love of pink and purple.

Its still healing and there is a lot of commentary out there that watercolor tattoos do not stay well, but I think most of this has enough black lines that it will stay pretty well. Only time will tell.


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