Ewok for the fans!


Ewok for the fans!

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  • 260058_1956538847608_1666840777_1994101_1469710_n_small

    tattoozbyrico said on February 9, 2011

    @kadilady, Nope have not done any others but I do have some in the works. Thank you for visiting.

  • Hallo_cute_small

    curiostacy said on September 20, 2009

    Definitely the best Ewok tattoo I have ever seen...then again when was the last Ewok tattoo I have seen?

  • Wartime-me_small

    jinxter said on July 30, 2009

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Perrita_small

    cloretol said on July 19, 2009

    Wow AwEsOmE! :D

  • 15_small

    murderdoll said on July 19, 2009

    Wicket rules :p

  • Dscn1096_small

    ratatat said on July 19, 2009

    Awesome work, as usual Rico...........Very nice......

  • 4ade02e3-94ef-49dd-9629-efae6d30cbdf_small

    mj0420 said on July 18, 2009

    Sweet ass! My little nephew is gonna shit when I show him this next weekend. Your talents continue to leave me in awe!

  • 1291774045602_small

    stormylotus said on July 18, 2009

    Now that is freaking cool!

  • 016_small

    1inkedupbro said on July 18, 2009

    thats badass

  • Dscn4193_small

    jedi69 said on July 18, 2009

    WTF DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!, your talking to a STARWARS FANBOY HERE and i tells ya if it walks like an Ewok, talks like an Ewok, SMELLS like an Ewok and LOOKS like a FRACKING EWOK........ it's a FRACKING EWOK.
    You Sir have hit the nail on the head again with your amazing skill with the needle and ink...and if your not proud of it your mamma sure is... and if your not both happy with it..I AM... i think it's truely A - MA - ZING...drunk i may be but GREAT ART I KNOW ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

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