My Hubby's Name On My Wedding Hand


My Hubby's Name On My Wedding Hand

I pretty much just doodled this one on a couple days before our One Year Wedding Anniversary.I speckled the blue mist, it's all little dots and it's Jerry's name coming from my wedding finger, with a footprint for the print he put in my soul,and hearts for us and a music note for the fun we have, a teardrop for the sad times even though there are few,a crown cuz he's my King, and a spiral with one beginning many ends to represent our life. I LOVE My Sexy Man!!!!

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  • Img_2441_small

    kermet434 said on March 31, 2009

    I'm not sure what i liked better the tattoo or the note about it :) they are both great

  • Hellcity_065_small

    hurley115 said on February 1, 2009

    wow...lots of little details that i wouldnt have noticed if i didnt read it..this is pretty cool

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My Name On Jerry's Wedding Finger

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