The Halloween Sleeve session 2 (Young Michael and Dr. Loomis)


The Halloween Sleeve session 2 (Young Michael and Dr. Loomis)

My Halloween sleeve based on the original Halloween franchise by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Included in the sleeve are scenes and elements from Halloweens 1-6. The entire sleeve was custom. Scenes/pictures were chosen by I myself and consulted with my artist prior to the starting of the piece. Total time for the sleeve was 5 sessions which equaled a total of 15 hours. The entire piece was done in black and gray portrait style with elements of red for blood. After all, if it was done in full color it wouldn't really be scary and horror like. Characters/scenes/elements featured in the sleeve are as follows : the thorn rune symbol, Michael Myers aka. "The Shape", young Michael, Jamie Lloyd, Dr. Loomis, Laurie Strode (from the infamous closet scene), "got your ghost" scene, the Myer's house, and the infamous Halloween II nurse scalpel kill scene.

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