nixiepixie's tattoo


nixiepixie's tattoo

A unicorn tattoo on my neck with the words 'Once upon a time' in disney font.

Once upon a time means to me the start of my own little story, my life story, something great and magical and worth living. I loved how all great happy love-filled stories started with 'once upon a time' and thats how i want my life, full of love, happiness, innocence and magic! and it reminds how, who i am today now is all because of once upon a time in my life =)

I love fantasy and fairy tales and unicorns make me think of magic, freedom, strength, happiness, loyalty, trust, and all things pure.

I added a little crown to the writing for my love of being treated and acting like a princess ;)

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Uploaded by nixiepixie
on September 18, 2010

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Once Upon A Time