Otzi double band


Otzi double band

Replication of Otzi the Iceman's double band tattoo round my left ankle. Otzi's oldest recorded human with tattoos, c.5,300 BP.

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  • Josh-80avatar_small

    portlandjosh said on October 13, 2010

    Great tattoo! Totally thinking of getting this, but on my wrist.

  • Photo0346a_small

    nienor said on December 6, 2009

    yeah, its a replication - they didn't exactly have rulers 5300 years ago! :P

  • 3854408220a4578024228b169909795l_small

    pkautumntheory51 said on December 5, 2009

    hey!!!!....is it ment to be all wonky like that????

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Otzi double band