Atheist of all Trades


Atheist of all Trades

My first--just got it done on Saturday. The photo was taken right after completion, while still in the parlor. Done by Alex 'Oil' Werder @ Star Tattoo in ABQ.

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  • Aoat_small

    mrpendent said on December 2, 2008


    This design contains seven symbols of importance to me--the A is from the Out Campaign, an atheist movement. The circle with the line is a 'null' symbol from mathematics, to symbolize nihilism. The 20-sided die represents general geekery. The power symbol represents computers. The coffee cup and bean represent the stuff that flows in my veins; and the 'NoL" is my wife's name. Of course, the card itself is the Jack (of all Trades).

  • Sany0780_small

    lazyeye1987 said on December 1, 2008

    nice detail do you have a story behind it

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