Comments on another 2 1/2 h on ribs (11)

  • Dscf0322_small

    youarenotbrutal said on February 16, 2011


  • L_52ad636cf2c24681aab8062fa7de25e7_small

    rugerscustomtattoos said on August 18, 2010

    I Know This Guy From The Block Hah!

  • Eye-con_small

    sharptattoos said on November 7, 2009

    Living zombie! Love it! :D I've been watching the progress here and there.

  • Camera_pics_of_dawgs_and_tats_046_small

    prettyboy29488 said on July 1, 2009

    dats fkn wild dude! however dat is dat has da tat is a beast cuz da ribs alone aint no joke!

  • Member-default-small

    ofsinnersandsaints said on November 18, 2008

    Holy crap

  • L_c9354eb80478fdedd14fc646dfdbe7b4_small

    freshtattoo4ya said on October 23, 2008

    yo that is unbelievable work i love the mix of black and greys in this piece...

  • 068_small

    skytruitt said on June 14, 2008

    wow, now thats a crazy tattoo

  • Tat_small

    quez said on May 25, 2008

    bro dat shyt iz crazy

  • Dub_cruz_portrasit_small

    dubstattoo said on November 19, 2007


  • 0223081151b_small

    dveight said on November 18, 2007

    wow that is insanely awesome

  • 4879819717a7117721648l_small

    bloo said on November 16, 2007

    fuck me like thats amazin

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