6 words because i am imperfect.
fate in the middle because everything i have been through in my life, fate brought me back to be able to love, laugh, hope, conquer, and bliss.
all these words have made me who i am and will always forever be with me, infinitely.

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  • Photo_93-1-1_small

    kingdelgado said on August 8, 2012

    nice, shape and meaning... great tatt!

  • 19062009085_small

    tattoo_b_boy said on September 26, 2011

    This is great really like it! ;-)

  • Dscn3466_-_copy_small

    lovesexnancy said on September 20, 2011

    thank you :) i put in 3 years of thought into this and i'm glad it came out beautifully! :)

  • Brunettek_small

    kelseybear35 said on September 19, 2011

    I really like the way you thought of this. Instead it just being a random mesh of words that sound good, it actually means something to you. :)

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