Two eagle feathers bound together to symbolise my recent marriage

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  • Img_0321_small

    josh77 said on September 4, 2011

    this is so great! love it!!!

  • _07_me_empire_state_building_small

    jj0072002 said on September 6, 2010

    Nice feather

  • Nice_small

    twofortygordy said on September 11, 2009

    Love it! Going to do something similar have any tips? My friend wants all single needle, I was thinking at least bump up the shading with something a little bigger. I don't think he knows the time and pain all single will take. This is the best feather tat I've seen on the site. I'm gonna draw it out different but follow your style, that would rock if you have some advice!

  • Sun21_small

    sunshine1 said on April 13, 2009

    Very cool!

  • Pic_small

    lifeisfacade said on April 13, 2009

    Thank you, thought it was more appropriate to represent two people?

  • Duchamp_small

    artimus71 said on April 13, 2009

    I like how the feathers are different.


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Helm of Awe (ægishjálmr)