Elle Ren


Elle Ren

If you've noticed, this owl is on the chain I'm wearing in my profile pic. That's where I got the inspiration. Owls Symbolize Wisdom & Knowledge I Feel Like I Get Wiser & Smarter Everyday Due To School & Life Experiences. Also My Family Always Calls Me A Night Owl Because I Always Stay Up Extremely Late & Have Gotten To The Point Where I Only Slept During The Day Multiple Times In My Life. Elle Spells Out The 1st Letter Of My 1st Name (Lauren). Elle Is Also The Name Of A Fashion Magazine That I Used To Collect & I Lovvve Fashion! Ren Is My Middle Name. My Dream Is To One Day Own A Store Or Salon Or Name Brand (Preferably A Clothing Store). If I Ever Get To That Point In My Life, Elle Ren Would Be The Name Of It & The Owl Would Be My Logo. But Even If I Never Own Anything The Tat Will Still Have Meaning To It.

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