kheemo's tattoo #3


kheemo's tattoo #3

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    vorpal said on April 2, 2011

    I'm assuming you wanted this to say "erotic", "sexuality", or "sex appeal", or something along those lines?

    Unfortunately, and I hate to burst your bubble, but there's a glaring, serious error in your tattoo. There is no character ⺖in Chinese. The top symbol and the second symbol should be combined into one, 性, i.e. your tattoo should just be two symbols, namely 性感. Right now it doesn't mean anything.

    I would get it fixed if I were you: get rid of the top character and have it added to the second one, which I think could be tastefully done given that you have a bit of space on the left of it to match the bottom character, and the fact that ⺖ is a very narrow primitive. It's really a shame that they fucked this up, because the characters are actually beautifully written... much better than I usually see in Chinese tattoos.

    In the future, though, don't get foreign language tattoos unless you know absolutely what you're getting. I've seen too many things like this, which is at least fixable, or much, much worse, where the meaning is completely off and even insulting to the person with the tatt.

    (And yes, I speak Chinese.)

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