Symbiotic Romanticism


Symbiotic Romanticism

Willit was always a very generous fella, but in the end it led to his demise.

While sifting through my waiting list I stumbled across this idea and got really excited. Ryan had submitted a number of ideas, all of which were super interesting. He wanted to create a tattoo that revolved around the concept of how other forms of nature reflect human nature. This particular piece illustrates a naturally occurring event between a caterpillar and parasitic wasp larvae. The mother wasp will lay her eggs on the back of a caterpillar so that they will have something to eat when they hatch. After they have completely devoured the caterpillar they use their newborn strength to fly away and conquer the world. Its a rather morbid occurrence, but what makes it even more depressing is that people do it all the time.

If youd like to read more about this particular occurrence click here.

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    chasetattoou said on April 22, 2011

    Had my ribs done, it sucked how bad the Paine was but I love my tatt. Your has really nice color an it's a dope ass concept.

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