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    imastupidude said on May 19, 2011

    Damn... Very sexy.. tattoo and body

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    shayner said on December 25, 2010


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    poskusi said on October 18, 2010

    Beautiful tattoo! (on sexy body)

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    mcarbo said on January 3, 2010

    loveeee it i wanna get one just like it, but how long did it take and how much did it cost?

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    kevkvndn1111 said on October 15, 2009

    Awesome! Love it.

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    kewday said on September 11, 2009

    stunning ...... looks so nice !!! very sexy !!!

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    taintdbuttafly said on September 9, 2009

    I Love it the way it is :) Beautiful..

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    abbeyabba said on August 28, 2009

    colour the butterfly's that would look best, keep the roses black n white for best affect and also they will quite chavvy coloured - personal opinion :/ anyway nice tattoo!! :) x

  • Las_vegas__04-2008_130_small

    will said on August 22, 2009

    great ink very sexy pic thanks for the add

  • 100_2113_small

    goodyear said on August 19, 2009

    would look a lot better with color..

  • Me2_small

    bellagirl03 said on August 16, 2009

    i would add color to just the butterflies

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    gamy said on June 2, 2009

    damn dats nice

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    lovestheink said on April 22, 2009

    Now thats sexy!

  • Alex_001_small

    jennings_alex said on March 9, 2009

    dont change a thing it is a beautiful tattoo the way it is

  • Img_4746_small

    boston4lyf said on February 21, 2009

    looks awesome black and grey!!

  • 106_small

    strwbrrysmoothyy said on February 21, 2009

    i have that bathing suit!!!!
    and im getting a rib cage tattoo for my first tattoo and im scared that it is going to hurt.
    did it hurt as bad as you thought would?

    p.s. i love your tat

  • Photo_819_small

    thisisjennygoike said on February 17, 2009

    i also have a side piece i cant decide whether to color it in or not, it looks more bad ass just in black , lol, but if your going for a more girly look then color in the roses

  • Atgaaabpmsapuaw1fyxwkbgzdtlke2_rpuig8l80d7pn3fanubglivtdbde7_3y6ygy-oitpe0tfsaebxt5ky3leuwlaajtu9vdyydd7ep1atfvhaat9nl1h17bb-q_small

    panqueka said on January 7, 2009


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    tasha_girl said on October 6, 2008

    i absolutely love it. it complements the female shape so well. how much did you pay to get it done?

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    sdotsamson said on October 3, 2008

    veryy sexy miss

  • Myback_small

    mrmatt923 said on September 16, 2008

    i like it black and gray, but if you were to add color i'd just add it to the roses.

  • 000_0002_small

    kaneo said on September 16, 2008

    colour the roses and leave the rest black it looks really good

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    surfer_dude said on September 15, 2008

    now thats attractive!

  • Tattoo_etc_003_small

    karacherie said on September 15, 2008

    beautiful!! and that bathing suit is from target, lol.

  • Img_1457_small

    val3s said on September 12, 2008

    amazing! well done piece, I'd leave it black n white

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