Shema Yisrael (??????)


Shema Yisrael (??????)

~Tattoo Number: 26
~INK: Prayer
~Date: November 1 st 2011
~Located: *FACE*

Even though this tattoo is tiny; I still am in shocked I placed it on my face. Being my face is a very important place on my body; I chose a very important tattoo to put there. The word I have tattooed on my faces reads ?????? or shema. Which means "Listen, Hear, & Do". It is the main prayer in JUDAISM. It is said three or more times a day by a practicing JEW. The prayer essentially is what someone would say when we want GOD to "listen". Although I am not Jewish, I appreciate ALL cultures, religions, lifestyles, etc..So I thought I would incorporate my interest in other cultures & religion together.
-also, this my SIXTH religious tattoo I have. ^_^

Shema listen, or hear & do (according to the Targum, accept)
Yisrael Israel, in the sense of the people or congregation of Israel
Adonai often translated as "LORD", it is read in place of YHWH; Samaritans say Shema, which is Aramaic for "the [Divine] Name" and is the exact equivalent of the Hebrew "ha-Shem", which Rabbinic Jews substitute for "Adonai" in a non-liturgical context such as everyday speech.
Eloheinu the plural 1st person possessive of ???????? Elohim, meaning our God.
E?ad the cardinal number one

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