My 17th Century Alchemy Symbol


My 17th Century Alchemy Symbol

This image is taken from the 23rd image in a series of drawings from the seventeenth century alchemical work attributed to Eugenius Philalethes, the Speculum Veritatis (Mirror of Truth.) This simple symbol of a fire triangle, with three radiating arrows below represents the "Perfect Red King," the Sulfur of the Philosophers. In alchemy, sulphur represents Sol, the fiery male element (the counterpart of Luna, mercury, the female element) of the Celestial marriage (conjunctio). Chemically, the red sulfur was a mixture of mercury (spirit) and sulfur (soul), the marriage of which also represented the spiritual goal of alchemical work

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  • Camo_small

    janellerene said on April 8, 2008

    wow, this is awesome!

  • L_c2e0fa0a7b82b6c1947f550b4db2476d_small

    juturna said on March 12, 2008

    Did you memorize that WHOLE explaination for when people ask you what the tattoo means? Eeesshh lol

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