Comments on Dragon project II. (32)

  • Match_5_small

    pocketsizeme said on February 21, 2011

    I love the colors so much.. amazing!

  • Img00101_small

    bubblezzz said on June 30, 2010

    luv the colours-beautiful!!!!

  • Member-default-small

    sandman8 said on February 14, 2010

    Nagyon faszaaaa!!!!!!

  • Meatwedding1_small

    phonic73 said on January 8, 2010

    That is simply incredible, the boldness and colour of it has just blown my mind.

  • Ssl22189_small

    needlepointtattoos1 said on December 17, 2009

    really nice work one of the brightest ive ever seen.........amazing!!!!!

  • 2009-08-25_01-09-41

    arigato78 said on October 11, 2009

    really nice colors

  • 028__4__small

    alia22 said on September 4, 2009

    wow man the colors are ot of this world ! freaking amazing.

  • Vegas_trip_011_small

    cayenne said on August 17, 2009

    Impressive in every way!

  • 222_small

    webescratchers said on August 17, 2009

    Beautiful work. Mad Props

  • 100_2113_small

    goodyear said on July 27, 2009

    wow great color

  • Brass_knucks_small

    nikkisalinas said on May 20, 2009

    the color is amazing! very nice

  • Dsc00478_small

    ssessess said on May 19, 2009

    oh wow maaan, the colors...very nice work

  • 10_001_small

    mzink70 said on March 15, 2009

    Love the colors!!!

  • 20091104651_small

    atesz said on February 14, 2009

    Baszki dejó ezis....!!!!!!!!

  • Pb200088_small

    dirty-dirty said on January 27, 2009

    awesome use of color. very nice detail. great sleeve. looks amazing.

  • Mytattoo1_small

    adam-bomb said on December 24, 2008

    dude, that is sick!
    i hope the colors haven't faded much.

  • L_b9e2218f031acae8480c7d39683916ef_small

    tattooberci said on October 10, 2008

    Bakker, azok a szinek,....
    Naggyon ott van!

  • Studio_7_small

    snoopy-pussifer said on September 17, 2008

    Fuckin colours nice lines...awesome work!

  • Sdc11577_small

    tattoosbydave said on September 15, 2008

    Totally stunning I love this one

  • Ginajak_halloween_small

    atkinson20 said on September 14, 2008


  • Dscn0104_small

    mrgecko said on August 25, 2008

    like they all said, insane color. What ink did you use???

  • 4ade02e3-94ef-49dd-9629-efae6d30cbdf_small

    mj0420 said on August 21, 2008

    wow 1 of the best sleeves ive ever seen!

  • Joo_small

    michellexmassacre said on August 18, 2008

    im pretty sure that those are the brightes and sickkkest colors ive seen on ANY tattoo


  • Meatwedding1_small

    phonic73 said on August 17, 2008

    Stunning sleeve, and I thought my colours were vibrant LOL, Id be really proud to have that one.

  • Untitled-1_large_small

    filly said on August 15, 2008

    Those colors are so vibrant and amazing.

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