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exquisitevacancy's tattoo

"Om mani padme hum" (The jewel inside the Lotus)

Mantras may be interpreted by practitioners in many ways, or even as mere sequences of sound whose effects lie beyond strict meaning.

The middle part of the mantra, mai padme, is often interpreted as "jewel in the lotus," Sanskrit ma "jewel, gem, cintamani" and the locative of padma "lotus", but according to Donald Lopez it is much more likely that Maipadme is in fact a vocative, not a locative, addressing a bodhisattva called Maipadma, "Jewel-Lotus"- an alternate epithet of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.[2] The o is the harmonic tone of non-duality and corresponds to the crown chakra visualized as white light.The h is the harmonic tone of limitless compassion and corresponds to the heart chakra visualized as blue light.

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