In Vino Veritas


In Vino Veritas

In vino veritas is a well-known Latin phrase. It means in wine [there is the] truth. It is also known as a Greek phrase , which has the same meaning. The author of the Latin phrase is Pliny the Elder,[1] the Greek phrase is attributed to the Greek poet Alcaeus.
Apparently the phrase refers to the circumstance that people seem to become uninhibited and tell what they really think (i.e. the truth) when they drink alcohol.
Already Pliny the Elder, who first mentioned this phrase, called the phrase a saying. The oldest known source for the phrase is the Greek poet Alcaeus. The Roman historican Tacitus tells about the Germanic peoples, that they always drank wine while holding councils, as they thought nobody can deceive effectively when drunken.

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    missrenae said on August 11, 2009

    that is awesome!! really sweet font too.

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    lsmith0244 said on July 20, 2008

    This is an awesome tattoo man. Very good meaning and it looks awesome. Thumbs up.

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