Praying hands & rosary beads


Praying hands & rosary beads

black & grey praying hands and rosary beads with cross and crown of thorns - forearm tattoo

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    tattoora11 said on August 28, 2011


    a brief overview.
    Rosary bead tattoos: Rosary – from the latin ‘rosarium’ meaning Rose Garden. A Rosary is a system in which a set number of prayers are recited. A string of beads is usually used to keep count.The string of beads is what is known as a Chaplet … but it is often referred to as a Rosary. Rosary tattoos on the ankle – Rosary tattoos on the foot are both very popular choices for girls. Rosary tattoo designs however can be placed anywhere on the body and are a great choice to symbolize your faith and spirituality for both guys and girls.

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