Comments on Chef Life Tattoo Inspired by Tupacs "Thug Life" (8)

  • R1-_7a_small

    chefkate said on March 21, 2010

    thats awesome...i actually have that pic...sooo sunny

  • Chef_t_with_logo_small

    cheftony said on March 2, 2010

    thanks for all your comments, need to upload a newer version, pretty much colored out...

  • Capt_america_small

    gummybear1219 said on March 1, 2010

    fuckin insane, very original.

  • 44804_463844790599_501485599_6947174_5451678_n_small

    peony said on January 10, 2010

    This is amazing. I love all the detail.
    as a cook, I really appreciate this.

  • Picture_185_small

    mr_mischievious said on November 18, 2009

    Great tat, fantastic

  • Sandras_back_small

    tokaitatts said on February 26, 2009

    very cool idea i love it

  • 007_small

    christie73 said on February 25, 2009

    I LOVE IT!! Very cool and original!

  • Chef_t_with_logo_small

    cheftony said on February 25, 2009

    Ha...yes, especially on my days off :)

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