What's Important


What's Important

Taken the day I got it (8/18) which is why the skin is red and pissed off at me. It's my own design that roughly translates to:

"Throughout the stages of life the value of loyalty, the presence of love and the appreciation for life, will eternally be important"

It incorporates the "Love, Life, Loyalty" symbol: heart(love), Egyptian "ankh"(life), the ring(loyalty); Celtic Trinity (cycle through maiden, mother, crone) and the Egyptian "shen"(eternity).

Think Ink Tattoo's (Chespy) - Woodland Hills, CA

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  • Guyana_small

    aridnepenthe said on June 4, 2009


    Where is it located on your body?

  • 252462_722149759095_16411654_36879097_5797943_n_small

    chocolitmami said on December 14, 2008

    very creative.. i like!!

  • Dsc01127_small

    jskaeve said on October 17, 2008

    Preeetty snazzy!

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