"to err is human, to forgive devine" alexander pope

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    captainmorgan said on January 27, 2009

    jemma7, it's quite simple actually, especially with online tools... tattoolicious, it's called binary code or base-2 number system. Not a pain to explain, but it can be a pain to learn since a lot of folks are only familiar with the base-10 number system(decimal).

    The above translation is incorrect, with the correct translation being:
    "To err is human, to forgive, divine. /r/n"

    Which is quite odd actually... so not only is the t supposed to be capitalized, but the translator neglects the period as well. This is certainly a minor issue, but a more serious issue I think would be whether the person who received the tattoo actually intended to have the carriage return and line feed included, these are the "/r" and "/n" respectively.. which would indicate at least to me, that he typed out the solution on a Windows machine before getting the tattoo, because other machines sometimes don't include a carriage return... like Linux. Anyways, for anyone not interested or confused, this is computing/geekery talk... bottom line is, I don't believe the recipient intended to receive the two end characters- unless he's intended to follow up this code immediately with more code.

    Essentially, unless there is more code following this one- which there isn't, then it's unnecessary to include the end characters unless he's preparing for future work to be done... again, still unnecessary when you consider the true translation.

    It would be interesting to hear the recipient's thoughts on why he decided to include these seemingly unnecessary characters... I mean, if you're trying to express a quote, in this case by Pope, then the two extra characters are overkill... anyways, that's my professional take on it, but it would be a pleasure to hear from him/her.


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    jemma7 said on August 24, 2008

    Anyone know how to do this? How to code text into 1 and 0? I've been trying to find someone who's good with binary for some time now without luck... Any ideas would be great.... Thank you... :-)

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    tattoolicious said on February 27, 2007

    ive never seen or heard of this type of number, but im sure its a pain to explain.

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    tkny said on February 7, 2007

    Good point Sass. I have a friend with something similiar to this and he gets rattled all the time with dumbfounded questions. I dig the tat'. Good work.

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