Celtic butterfly


Celtic butterfly

Celtic butterfly

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    khaos69 said on February 2, 2013


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    franklingothic said on May 15, 2012

    Nice Celtic Butterfly Tattoo
    I want to give some information about this tattoo.

    In recent years Celtic Tattoos have enjoyed a revival. We specialize in historical knotwork and Celtic ornamental style Tattooing . Our research on the subject has provided a wealth of new and exciting knots for applications as Tattoos . Anyone who desires a Historical Celtic Tattoo, Mythological Celtic Tattoos or a pride in their heritage Celtic Tattoo will be pleased with our vast collection of custom Celtic art.The Celts transmitted their culture orally, never writing down history or facts. This accounts for the extreme lack of knowledge about them prior to their contact with the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. They were generally well educated, particularly on topics such as religion, philosophy, geography and astronomy. The Romans often employed Celtic tutors for their sons, many of these tutors were Druid priests. Religion was a force in Celtic culture. The Druids were their priestly caste. The Celts were extremely superstitious.The history of the Celtic peoples goes back some thousands of years . At one time all of Europe was Celtic.

    Many believe that the best way to interpret Celtic artwork is as meditation or as a prayer. Celtic Butterfly Tattoo Design are usually not strictly representational and they do not attempt to duplicate the world and especially nature exactly as it is (nature being imperfect anyways). They are made of sinuous lines that form an intricate interweaving formed to complete a cycle (there is no end nor a beginning to a Celtic knot).

    Celtic Butterfly Design

    Celtic Tattoo Designs

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    apadgett said on November 10, 2011

    Love this. Very cool!

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